completely defined function

completely defined function
полностью определённая функция

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  • Completely multiplicative function — In number theory, functions of positive integers which respect products are important and are called completely multiplicative functions or totally multiplicative functions. Especially in number theory, a weaker condition is also important,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Completely randomized design — In the design of experiments, completely randomized designs are for studying the effects of one primary factor without the need to take other nuisance variables into account. This article describes completely randomized designs that have one… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiplicative function — Outside number theory, the term multiplicative function is usually used for completely multiplicative functions. This article discusses number theoretic multiplicative functions. In number theory, a multiplicative function is an arithmetic… …   Wikipedia

  • Additive function — Different definitions exist depending on the specific field of application. Traditionally, an additive function is a function that preserves the addition operation:: f ( x + y ) = f ( x ) + f ( y )for any two elements x and y in the domain. An… …   Wikipedia

  • Μ-recursive function — In mathematical logic and computer science, the μ recursive functions are a class of partial functions from natural numbers to natural numbers which are computable in an intuitive sense. In fact, in computability theory it is shown that the μ… …   Wikipedia

  • Surjective function — Onto redirects here. For other uses, see wikt:onto. A surjective function from domain X to codomain Y. The function is surjective because every point in the codomain is the value of f(x) for at least one point x in the domain. In mathematics, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Holomorphic function — A rectangular grid (top) and its image under a holomorphic function f (bottom). In mathematics, holomorphic functions are the central objects of study in complex analysis. A holomorphic function is a complex valued function of one or more complex …   Wikipedia

  • Von Mangoldt function — In mathematics, the von Mangoldt function is an arithmetic function named after German mathematician Hans von Mangoldt. Contents 1 Definition 2 Dirichlet series 3 Mellin transform …   Wikipedia

  • Identity function — In mathematics, an identity function, also called identity map or identity transformation, is a function that always returns the same value that was used as its argument. In terms of equations, the function is given by f ( x ) = x… …   Wikipedia

  • Unit function — In number theory, the unit function is a completely multiplicative function on the positive integers defined as::varepsilon(n) = egin{cases} 1, mbox{if }n=1 0, mbox{if }n>1 end{cases} It is called the unit function because it is the identity… …   Wikipedia

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